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                    Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in the mid-1950s and was restructured in September 2003. "HEIMAO" brand low-voltage electrical products are the leading products of the company.


                    Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the founders and the vice president unit of Shanghai Low-voltage Electrical Industry Association, the vice president unit of Shanghai Science and Technology Enterprise Confederation, and the one unit of China National Standardization Technical Committee of LVEA. The company has been honored Shanghai high-tech enterprises continually since 1997 and the main products have been awarded Shanghai Famous Brand Product since 1998, “Hei Mao” is awarded Shanghai famous trademark.

                     Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. is headquartered at No. 10500 Song Ze Avenue, Qing Pu Industry Park, Shanghai, new injecting capital 180 million RMB and covers an area of about 150 acres. The company has about 3 million square meters constructions, including the research and development center, the lab, the production base and the storage center. The company has about 600 employees, including nearly a hundred professional R&D staff. The company has the automation, standardization and automated quality inspection production line, ERP system is throughout the company's overall operations management.

                     The circuit breakers of Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. are totally twenty-three classes like HA Series Air Circuit Breakers and HM Series Moulded-Case Circuit-Breakers. In addition, the company’s products are also including suit, fitness equipment, property, electrical coupling, deformation robot, educational and sporting goods.

                     Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. was honored ISO9001 quality management system certification in 1996, was passed ISO9001-2008 version review and was certificated ISO14001, OHSAS18001 in 2008. The company was assessed as Shanghai Technology Giant Enterprises by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and was assessed a Shanghai Patent Pilot Program Enterprise by Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration in the same year. "HEIMAO" brand low-voltage electrical products have more than 40 inventions, utility model pates and have over a hundred certifications of CCC, CE, CB and UL, which is depended on its superior performance and innovative structural design. “Hei Mao” has been awarded several Shanghai and national honors, and the quality has been praised by the domestic and foreign users of a wide range.

                      Shanghai JINGYI Electrical Apparatus Factory Co., Ltd. maintains the advanced joint venture management and in accordance with the rules of market economic, upholding the spirit of innovation, focusing on the world's most advanced low-voltage electrical products and high-tech development, continue to provide customers with imaginative, attractive and practical products. We promote a customer-centric, multi-faceted marketing strategy, fully integrate industry channel advantage, closely rely on the agent and the distributor, extensive support partners to provide the most advanced products and best services, balance the common interests of all parties, improve the interests of the common mechanism, promote synchronous development, share the future.


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            Add:No.2699 Cao Ying Road. QingPu Industrial Park. QingPu District. Shanghai
            Zip Code:201700

            Sales & Marketing Add: South 10F, New Long March Plaza. No.1247 Meichuan Road, Shanghai
            Zip Code:200333

            电话:+86-21-39200818丨 传真:+86-21-69228711丨邮编:201700